BROTHERS MEDIKAL VE HASTANE EKIPMANLARI TICARET LIMITED SIRKETI Hospital Equipment, Medical Device, Hospital Furniture, Physical Archiving, Digital Archiving, Fire Extinguisher System, Office Furniture, Hsopital Bed
OGUZHAN OKUMUS GELISIM ISCI SAGLIGI VE IS GUVENLIGI DANISMANLIGI LIMITED SIRKETI Edge Protection Barrier, Safety Barrier, Protection Barrier, Work Safety System, Edge Protection Barrier, Safety Equipment, Construction Safety System, Fence
ORKOB ONVEHICLE CO. LTD. on-vehicle, on-vehicle equipment, mobile equipment, mobile vehicle, firefighting trucks, fire trunks, garbage trucks, combine canal jetting vehicle
PROFESYONEL MEDIKAL OTOM. TIC.LTD. STI. Cables, engine, pump, fire fighter, food, tobacco, armored, ambulance
REANIMED TEKNIK SAN. TIC. LTD. STI. ambulance equipments, rotary vane lubricated vacuum pumps, ambulance, ambu mark iii resuscitator, medical gas systems, ambu silicone resuscitator, electromechanical medical systems, ambu laryngeal mask

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Our company is a manufacturer in the sector of "Equipment on Vehicle" with a vast experience of 50 years. We Provide Multiple Levels of Emergency Equipment, Vehicles and including firefighting trucks, fire trunks, garbage trucks, combine canal jetting vehicle, rescue trailers, fully equipped ambulances, fast attack/light tankers, canal sewage vehicle, street sprinklers, funeral, garbage / rubbish trucks etc.
We are the expert to convert to any car into Ambulance;Emergency Ambulance (Type A1, A2) and Transport Ambulance (Type B), Intensive Care and Rescue Ambulance (Type C), Funeral Vehicles, Funeral Washi
CoverHealth® Disinfection & Sanitation System Have been engineered to provide a robust, practical, versatile solution and are manufactured with high quality materials, electronic and electric systems complying with national and international regulations and standards. CoverHealth® Disinfection & Sanitation System are easy to ship, Install, dismantle and functional for multiple disinfection applications CoverHealth® disinfection tunnel is being implemented by leading companies who are serious about eliminating Bacterial and viral diseases. The CoverEdge® Barrier System was developed to mitigate the ‘Fall from Height’ and ‘Dropped Object’ risks that can be found in almost all industries. This unique barrier system can be used to provide temporary or permanent protection for stairways, floor edges, etc. and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor application. Additionally, with the patented ForkAl® barrier section, material handling and transferring activities can be carried out safely without the need to remove the safety barrier. ,CoverEdge® barriers have been engineered to provide a robust, practical, versatile solution and are manufactured with high quality materials, complying with national and international regulations and standards. Currently, CoverEdge barriers hold Certificates of Conformity to U.S Federal OSHA Standards, Canadian Federal and Provincial OHS Regulations, and are recognized with the Turkish Standards Institute. CoverEdge® barrier systems are easy to ship, install, dismantle and functional for multiple applications. CoverEdge® Barrier Systems are being implemented by leading companies who are serious about eliminating injuries and fatalities caused by dropped objects and falling from heights.
The company, acting in compliance with international standards in all of areas of operations as well as in its organizational structure, is on the way of success in many countries of the world with the services provided in health care sector. Along with quality focus in the production and development of hospital beds, ensuring sustainability with a proactive understanding both before and after production is the corporate understanding and approach of ‘Brothers’. Brothers is committed to the principle of being an aware company by reflecting its respect to world, environment, human health which is its field of operations as well as to future generations to its business. Brothers’, providing products in compliance with national and international standards of health care sector, is operating according to requirements of ISO-9001, ISO 13485 management systems. Purpose of Brothers is to meet all demands of healthcare sector and buyers of healthcare sector with “turnkey solutions” principle so as to meet needs for medical devices, equipment and other needs along with production of hospital beds. Brothers proceeding to be one of leading corporations thanks to experienced managers, expert and dynamic staff, products with foremost designs and quality of both products and services, is targeting to be a leading, development focused, solution centric, reliable, dynamic and specialist company with specific importance to customer satisfaction by creating difference in its area with its brand.
Electrical products , all types of vehicle superstructure , engines , pumps , kraft papers , all type of packing and best solutions for all requests.....
ReaniMed Healthcare with its specialized engineering team, experienced over 20 years is continuously extending its activities and product range, in order to cover the demands of the clients in a most perfect manner according to accepted European standards. Being a company with its head office in Istanbul, right in the middle of Europe and Asia,ReaniMed has established its manufacturing facilities based on the best Know-How and realises with great success the design, production, sales, installations and after sale services. ReaniMed Limited is specialized on furnishing of Turn-Key Clinics, Operating Theatres and Care Units. Medical Gas Systems and Equipment such as Pendant Arms, Surgical Control Panels, Laminar Flow Units, Surgical Scrubs and Automatic Doors are manufactured. Various types of patient Bed Head Units, Intensive Care Systems, Nurse Call Systems and Emergency Patient Handling Equipment are ReaniMed's specialties. ReaniMed's technical staff are continually being trained and updated on the latest technological developments. Also, various investment partnerships are realised with European and American companies. Supplying its products at a well accepted quality internationally is a fact to be proud of. ReaniMed is representing ONDAL / Germany, TLV / France, MD / Italy and FERNO / U.S.A. So ReaniMed Healthcare has rapidly become a leading company in the various areas of the healthcare industry with the flexible product and service range. ReaniMed is exporting it’s products to over 25 countries such as Germany, France, Netherlands, Russia, UAE, KSA, Morocco, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Indonesia. There are many hundreds of installations for thousands of beds completed with ReaniMed products worldwide.
RACE GROUP, as the Brand MinibusCenter is a conversions company , It Convert kinds of panel Vans into Minibuses, Busses, VIP, Luxury Busses , City Busses (urban bus For Public Use ) , In Different Brands Such as Mercedes Benz Sprinter, VW Crafter, Ford Transit, Peugeot Boxer, Citroen Jumper, Fiat Ducato, Iveco Daily, etc. Our company was more corporate after 2012 . We signed Contract with Daimler / GERMANY that we can convert Daimler Mercedes BENZ , Sprinters Panel vans in To minibuses. For signing contract Our Company inspected by Daimler’s engineers. In 2015 we start manufacturing health care wehicles by Our Brands mobility cars and with the brand health Care vehicles (ambulances ) • In 2016 we start to manufacture luxary coaches and vip vehicles by our brands CERTIFICATES • We get our ISO certificates in 2012 • After many tests and inspections We had our European Vehicle Type Approval certificate ( 2007/46 ) for Mercedes Vehicles in 2013. Than after, • We also signed contract with VW Volkswagen for Crafter and we got the R107 certificate for VW Crafter.
Established to implement creative and innovative ideas; Dorser Otomotiv was founded in Istanbul in 2003 to offer design and engineering services. In the ever-improving automotive industry; Dorser Otomotiv specializes in special vehicle applications. In 2004; our company expanded its team of experts, established manufacturing and assembly premises and became a significant entity in superstructure manufacturing. Dorser Otomotiv aims to improve the sales and after-sales services quality by increasing customer satisfaction at all times. With this objective in mind, our company has received ISO 9001 quality certificate with the approval of TUV and has placed quality in its products on the forefront thus became a partner of major automotive companies in a relatively short time. Growing with its highest quality and innovative products; Dorser Otomotiv offers various customized superstructure productions to customers from a wide range of industries. Since 2007 Dorser Otomotiv has expanded its operations in a variety of fields which are gathered together under the umbrella of Dorser Group and continue growing alongside the following brands in different industries.
Since 1994, KURTEK Valves Ltd. Co. has been the best known address of the market with its customer commitment, flexibility, innovative and fast service. Principles lying under our fast growth are, our product knowledge covering the complete range from the basic to most specific products, close relations with our customers and our dedication to service quality, even in the smallest orders. Starting from planning of the projects until the shipment, we are honored to advise and support our customers with our expert staff as well as our domestic and international sales partners. KURTEK, with its high quality products ranging from industrial valves to fittings and their accessories, has manufacturer's certificates as well as certifications by Bureau Veritas (BV), American Bureau Of Shipping (ABS), Lloyd Register (LR), Germanischer Lloyd (GL),Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and Registro Italiano Navale (RINA) to its products. For the success of our common market,we wish to work with you with dedication, creativity, commitment and by sharing our vast experience.