Company Profile:
We are the expert to convert to any car into Ambulance;Emergency Ambulance (Type A1, A2) and Transport Ambulance (Type B), Intensive Care and Rescue Ambulance (Type C), Funeral Vehicles, Funeral Washing and Morgue Vehicles, Mobil Clinices, Mobile Dentist Vehicles, Mobile Laboratory Vehicles, Snow Stretcher and Box Type Ambulance. All cars of us are producing accorking to the TS EN 1789+A2. We are also support following; Ambulance Stretchers, Combination Chair / Stretcher, Scoop Stretcher, Vacuum Stretcher, Folding Stretcher, Plastic Spinal Board, Basket Stretcher. Portable Vacuum Suction Pump, Traction Splint, Air Splint Set, Vacuum Splint Set, Ambulance Equipment; Trauma Bag, Portable Oxygen Set, Defibrillator, Portable Emergency Ventilator……. Etc We confirm that we have the capacity to supply the order if the opportunity is giving to us.

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Staff Count: 26-50  Export Specialist: Ihracat KURTARAN